These are some of the most promising startups in CFOTech. Each of these companies bring a unique offering to the office of the CFO. They empower decision making and bring greater efficiency to the finance department. Our expertise, network, and investment are unlocking their potential to grow into the leaders of their industry.

Collaborative People

Planning for Modern Teams

Software for faster, easier, &

smarter accounts payable

Revenue Recognition, Contract Workflows, SaaS Metrics & Renewal Bookings all-in-one solution

Y Combinator S21

Keeper is an app to help bookkeepers run a better month-

end close. It is an all-in-one Client Portal, task manager,

file QA tool, and management reporting app.

Budgeting and forecasting platform for small to medium sized companies worldwide

Y-Combinator S21

Easy accounting for e-commerce businesses

Automatic reconciliation of sales with accounting,

easy reporting and tax filing!

Bedrock AI

Y Combinator S21

Uncover corporate red-flags and predict crisis.

Experts in the intersection of AI and corporate disclosure.

Y Combinator W21

Bluelight helps companies and investors manage their financial data, metrics, reporting, and growth plans.

CFO solutions built for SaaS businesses. Tech-enabled

automation paired with SaaS expertise at one low

monthly cost.



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