The Ultimate Guide to 3rd Generation FP&A Tools

September 29, 2022
Wouter Born
#CFOtech | #financetransformation | #FP&A

After 6 months of hard work and tons of research, we finally released The FP&A Market Guide, the ultimate guide the FP&A team needs to pick the right 3rd generation tools for effective business growth.

I had an amazing time working with two advisory board members of Born Capital who are FP&A software experts: Anders Liu-Lindberg and Paul Barnhurst. Together, we shortlisted over 40 companies. We selected 20 companies and ultimately chose 15 companies to survey. Each of these companies is revolutionizing the FP&A software market in its own way and has received significant funding.

The guide includes many different tools and approaches to solving the challenges FP&A faces:

  1. Tools providing FP&A platform while keeping you in Excel.
  2. Tools focused on building planning functionality around spreadsheets (Google Sheets & Excel).
  3. Tools focused on everything from startups to enterprises.
  4. Tools built around a BI platform (Power BI & Others) allowing you to integrate your planning and business intelligence in a single tool.

The guide includes the following info on each vendor:

— Target customer
— Estimated implementation time
— Company overview
— Product overview
— Four features we like about each tool
— Types of planning supported (revenue, HR, expense, marketing, etc.)
— Native data integrations (ERP, CRM, HRIS)
— Product functionality (close consolidation, multi-currency, etc.)

The 3rd generation software market is booming, and I would like to give everyone the opportunity to get the complete FP&A Market Guide here.

I hope you will find this guide very helpful and it will bring you closer to your business goals by helping you pick the planning tool that is fit your purpose.

Big thanks to all the vendors who answered our questions, completed surveys, and provided demos. Their support has been amazing to make this FP&A Market Guide a success.

I am curious to find out what do you think about the guide and the vendors we have included? Have you already tried some of the tools?

Do you think we missed any important vendors?

Get the complete FP&A Market Guide here.

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